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The Light Within: The Literature of Harold G. Slovic

I try my best to be just like I am But everybody wants you to be just like them They say sing while you slave and I jus’ get bored I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more. -Bob Dylan A man named Harold Slovic passed away in March 2021. He met his death …

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Sister Ann Rose Nu Twang

Sisters and brothers worldwide, this is what a saint is.

An Illness in America

Sickness is a dangerous Indulgence at my time of life.                                                                                           …

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Robin Williams: The Anguish Of Identity

Man I’m just tired and bored with myself … Message keeps getting clearer Radio’s on and I’m moving ‘round the place I check my look in the mirror I wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face – Bruce Springsteen, Dancing in the Dark   The Myth We Loved We did not love Robin Williams …

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In Memoriam: Lionel & Diana Trilling At Columbia University – With Guest Appearances By Quentin Anderson & Edward W. Said

You were the one who imagined it all, All those years ago.           – George Harrison This essay was originally written for EXPLORATIONS, and is dedicated to its editor, Maurice DuQuesnay: devoted guardian of the flame.                                    …

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Chichester Cathedral and the Meadow Bountiful: The Flock of Friends Who Saved the Humans Hideous

  Ms. Chichester Cathedral, Nibbling In Her Beloved Meadow Bountiful   Introduction In Which Our Heroine Is Given Her Name By Her Loving Parents Once upon a time there lived inside a hollow log in a hidden mountain meadow a wee brown chipmunk named Chichester Cathedral. Chichester’s parents had considered many other names: Cleo, Calliope, …

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Be, Bop, and Alula

Chapter One: In Which The Characters Are Introduced And A Plan is Hatched This is an absolutely true story. Once upon a time there lived in Hawaii two brown dachshunds named Be and Bop. Be was a girl, Bop was a boy, and they were the children of Alula. Be and Bop loved Hawaii, and they …

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The Wandering Goose Brothers

Long ago deep in a faraway forest on a small pond called Prudence lived three young gosling brothers named Gareth, Gandolph, and Gulliver. They were strong swimmers gifted with deep echoing honks. Their eyes were keen, their beaks were honed to a fine degree of sharpness, and their little webbed feet were learning to move …

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Stories For Children

The Problem In this age of science and technology, many people believe children receive wondrous stimulation for their intellect and their imagination. I think this is false. The vast majority of children I see are becoming every day more dependent upon provided stimuli: stimuli that grow ever more coarse, loud, and in many instances violent, …

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