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Education Revolution

  Broken hands on broken ploughs, Broken treaties, broken vows, Broken pipes, broken tools, People bending broken rules. Hound dog howling, bull frog croaking, Everything is broken.      – Bob Dylan, “Everything Is Broken”   State of Emergency Few of the authorities who write, speak, advocate, and lobby on behalf of ideologies about education or …

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What Children Need – Part 2

You fathers and you mothers Be good to one another Please try to raise your children right Don’t let the darkness take ‘em Don’t make ’em feel forsaken Just lead them safely to the light – Billy Joe Shaver, “Live Forever” In my work with preschools, schools, and universities, young people of all ages tell …

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What Children Need – Part 1

 – I am, a stride at a time.  [James Joyce, Ulysses] For more than forty years, I have taught literature, history, consciousness, and writing as a senior teacher and administrator in schools and universities.  In the context of these profound and elemental fields of learning, students of all ages often have confided in me with …

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